7th Grade Core Teachers and Course Description

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Welcome to 7th Grade Core 

Welcome to our core classrooms!  This year your child can expect to do a lot of reading, writing and fun history units.  We include reading and writing workshop components to our English curriculum to ensure students are progressing academically from whatever point they started. We conference regularly with every core student individually on their reading/writing skills.  In this manner we will track progress and build a strong community of individual learning in our classrooms.

Our curriculum is centered on Prentice Hall’s Literature- Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes textbook.  We will also utilize many strategies developed by respected educators to teach reading comprehension and effective writing skills.  Our classes will read the following three novels: The Call of the Wild, The Outsiders, and The Giver.  Instruction will focus on Common Core Standards and encompass the five skills necessary to be successful:  reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking.

The seventh grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on social, cultural, and technological changes that occurred from A.D. 500-1789.  We will study the great civilizations found in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  We will also learn about the ideas and beliefs that shaped popular religions of today including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Confucianism.  Finally, we will look at the causes and effects of the Renaissance, Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution.  

We use the "Organized Binder" in 7th grade.  Students should remember how it works from last year; however, expect some modifications per grade level/teacher.  It has proven to be an effective organizational and learning tool.
Online  History Textbook! 
Students can log in at teachtci.com using the usernames and passwords they received at the beginning of the year.